I receive emails that contain a link. That link does not work since I am not on that company's network. I can change part of the link for external use to get it to work.

For example the email has this link:


I change it to:


I was able to create a script but I need to open the email, run the macro, and then hit save on the email.

Sub Change2VPN()

Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.body = _
  Replace(Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.body, "ipdms.web", "companyVPN")

End Sub

I searched but have not been able to get anything to work. Is there a way I can either accomplish this on all items in a folder and save the email where it is or at least do it from the reading pane?

I can add the macro button to the ribbon.
I cannot run scripts as a rule on incoming emails due to corporate policies.

  • Did you search anything? I found this in less than about 5 seconds. – Scott Holtzman Apr 30 '20 at 20:16

Basically you need to get the currently selected folder where a ribbon button was clicked and iterate over all items in the folder to get the job done:

Sub Change2VPN()

Dim olFolder As Outlook.Folder
Dim Item As Object
Dim explorer as Outlook.Explorer

Set explorer = Application.ActiveExplorer()
Set olFolder = explorer.CurrentFolder

For Each Item In olFolder.Items
    If TypeOf Item Is Outlook.MailItem Then 
        Dim oMail As Outlook.MailItem: Set oMail = Item
        oMail.HTMLBody = Replace(oMail.HTMLBody, "ipdms.web", "companyVPN")
    End If

End Sub

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