I had a project on Android Studio which was working. But after I ran git pull and then git reset --hard and tried to run it again, build failed with the message:

File 'com.android.builder.files.ZipCentralDirectory@412e039a' was deleted, but previous version not found in cache


Build -> Clean Project fixed my problem.


I also faced the same issue. it occurs when you run> flutter clean command that actually did't clean all the files inside build directory of your project, and causes the issue. So the simple solution is, delete your build directory manually. If it alerts "File in Use" dialogue then simple do the following steps

  1. open the run command with shortcut Window+R
  2. type resmon.exe it will open the resource monitor
  3. click on "CPU" tab
  4. click on "Associated handles" and type build in search bar
  5. right click on java.exe and end process
  6. restart your IDEA and run your project the problem is solved

An alternative way to fix this issue is to run flutter clean.

You mentioned you are using android studio, go to your terminal inside android studio and then run the above mentioned command.

After the above command was executed then run your app again.

This simple solution worked for me !

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