I have fastify 2.14 installed. I am following the documentation to use custom validation library.

Here's my code:

import fastify from 'fastify';

const app = fastify({});

app.setValidatorCompiler(({schema}) => data => schema.validate(data)); // setValidatorCompiler is not a function

console.log(app.setValidatorCompiler) // undefined 

export default app;

I also tried passing it in the route options and typescript doesn't recognize it as a field.

also setSerializerCompiler is not a function.

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It seems like they have wrong documentation versioning.

I was reading version 2.14 documentation and it was for 3-alpha.

Installing the 3-alpha version solved my problem.

fastify.setValidatorCompiler(({ schema, method, url, httpPart }) => {
  return ajv.compile(schema)


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