I wanna know how to count number of global variable exist in class which i called.

I used parameter with Several types of inherited classes, which are different number of variable.

And if possible i want to get name of variable..

public class MotherClass
    public int motherAge;

public class ChildClass : MotherClass {
    public int childAge;
    public string childName;

public void Main(MotherClass person) { 
    //count number of variable exist in "person"
    //get name of variables exist in "person"

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I assume by "global variable in class" you mean public field like public int motherAge;

using System.Reflection;
using System.Linq;
MotherClass person = new MotherClass();
var fields = person.GetType().GetFields().Where(i => i.IsPublic);
// Do something with fields.Count

foreach (FieldInfo item in fields)
  // Do something with item.Name;


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