So I have Python code which creates a Linux TAP interface, but it always comes up with a random, auto-generated MAC address. To simplify testing I would like to manually assign the interface a MAC address after it has been initialized. I know I can do this with the SIOCSIFHWADDR ioctl and struct ifreq, but I had a few questions about the implementation.

Here is the C struct:

struct ifreq
# define IFHWADDRLEN    6
    char ifrn_name[IFNAMSIZ];       /* Interface name, e.g. "en0".  */
  } ifr_ifrn;

    struct sockaddr ifru_addr;
    struct sockaddr ifru_dstaddr;
    struct sockaddr ifru_broadaddr;
    struct sockaddr ifru_netmask;
    struct sockaddr ifru_hwaddr;
    short int ifru_flags;
    int ifru_ivalue;
    int ifru_mtu;
    struct ifmap ifru_map;
    char ifru_slave[IFNAMSIZ];      /* Just fits the size */
    char ifru_newname[IFNAMSIZ];
    __caddr_t ifru_data;
  } ifr_ifru;

Now I think that I only need to fill in the hwaddr field, but this being a union I am not sure how to create the structure in Python.

What is the best way to call the SIOCSIFHWADDR ioctl with struct ifreq to change an interface's MAC address in Python?


  • You want to do it in Python or in C? – Tony The Lion May 27 '11 at 16:12
  • In Python, my main problem is building the structure to pass to the ioctl. – Mr. Shickadance May 27 '11 at 16:15

from: http://nullege.com/codes/show/src@p@y@pynetlinux-1.0@pynetlinux@ifconfig.py

def set_mac(self, newmac):
    ''' Set the device's mac address. Device must be down for this to
        succeed. '''
    macbytes = [int(i, 16) for i in newmac.split(':')]
    ifreq = struct.pack('16sH6B8x', self.name, AF_UNIX, *macbytes)
    fcntl.ioctl(sockfd, SIOCSIFHWADDR, ifreq)

I've used a lot of the networking methods from that module; very useful!

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    I wish I knew of that module before. Thanks! – Mr. Shickadance May 31 '11 at 12:54

A union simply means that there are multiple ways to think about the content. You're only interested in one, this one:

struct ifreq_set_hwaddr
# define IFHWADDRLEN    6
    char ifrn_name[IFNAMSIZ];       /* Interface name, e.g. "en0".  */
    struct sockaddr ifru_hwaddr;

Note that I've assumed that struct sockaddr has the same (or strictest) alignment requirement as the other union members. If not, you may need some padding.


You spawn /sbin/ip as a subprocess e.g.

/sbin/ip link set dev dummy0 address 02:23:45:67:89:ab

which will save a lot of hassle.

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