I am running contentful+symphony framework application on Heroku, on heroku twig remove space b/w the conditions.

Twig Code: <section class="block block--partners {% if transactionClass %}block--partners-transaction{% endif %}">

Results me to: <section class="block block--partnersblock--partners-transaction"> : removes space b/w classes, that happens on server only, on dev machine its working fine, any solution for this??

Desired result: <section class="block block--partners block--partners-transaction">

Any solution for that??

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Why not use twig to print the class name?

<section class="block block--partners {% if transactionClass %}{{ ' block--partners-transaction' }}{% endif %}">
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  • yes this may be the last option, but on my dev machine its working absolutely fine, i have a large application to change the code by this solution. Problem is that on local machine this code is running fine, i am facing error on Production mode. – rahul yadav May 3 at 6:32
  • Have you checked this: twig.symfony.com/doc/2.x/templates.html#whitespace-control – Harish ST May 3 at 12:38

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