Could not find whether InstallShield support .NET Core custom action or not. Does InstallShield support .NET Core custom action.

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Put the business logic in .NET standard libraries and then call it from .NET Framework custom actions and .NET core applications. Any modern version of Windows is going to have .NET Framework already installed.

Your MSI isn't running anywhere else.

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  • Please don't add the same answer to multiple questions. Answer the best one and flag the rest as duplicates, once you earn enough reputation. If it is not a duplicate, edit the answer and tailor the post to the question. – double-beep May 15 at 4:49
  • He literally asked the exact same question after he had accepted my previous question. WiX, InstallShield, InstallAware, AdvancedInstaller, whatever it doesn't matter. MSI is MSI. – Christopher Painter May 15 at 13:03
  • The way he asks once for WiX and once for InstallShield suggests to me he's comparing the two products to see if one is better then the other. That's why I had to answer here also as they are the same. – Christopher Painter May 15 at 13:05

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