After running wso2server.bat, worker.bat, dashboard.bat, I get an error when trying to access Analytics Dashboard like business-role, monitoring, policies, portal.

"Error while SSL handshake: javax.net.ssl.SSLException: Received fatal alert: certificate_unknown"

what should I do, so that the dashboard analytics running normally error_log

Fix Solved WSO2 IS 5.10 Cannot borrow client for ssl://localhost:7712 - Solved

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  • What URL did you use to access the dashboard? – Samisa May 6 at 13:07
  • Also, what's the CN (and the SAN-SubjectAlternativeNames if exist) values of your public certificate. You can get your public certificate from below command. keytool -list -v -alias wso2carbon -keystore wso2carbon.jks Alias and password values can be found in the carbon.xml file. – Nipun Thathsara May 6 at 13:14
  • and – Ihsan Jazuli May 8 at 5:04

SSL Handshake error can be caused due to several reasons. Know the possible causes that can lead to SSL handshake errors. This reference also has a link with details on SSL handshake semantics that will help you understand the problems better.

In this case that you are faced with, according to these references, it could be that the cipher suite algorithm does not match between your browser and server. You could try different browsers to see if the problem goes away. If not, you will have to check on the server certificate.

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  1. [IS_HOME]/repository/conf/deployment.toml Add

    id = "authn_data_publisher_proxy"
    type = "org.wso2.carbon.identity.core.handler.AbstractIdentityMessageHandler"
    name = "org.wso2.carbon.identity.data.publisher.application.authentication.AuthnDataPublisherProxy"
    order = 11
    enable = true
    enable = true

  2. export wso2carbon.jks from WSO2 IS keytool -export -alias wso2carbon -keystore "C: \ Program Files\WSO2\Identity Server\5.10.0\repository\resources\security\wso2carbon.jks"-file publickey.pem

  3. import the .pem file to client-truststore.jks in WSO2 IS Analytics keytool -import -alias wso2 -file publickey.pem -keystore "C:\Program Files\WSO2\wso2is-analytics-5.8.0\resources\security\client-truststore.jks" -storepass wso2carbon

the result is still an error, so that the session in the browser is not detected by the analytics dashboard

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