I am trying to implement dark mode in my flutter app, but I don't know what am I missing but it doesn't work on iOS. I manage to run it on Android just fine, but when I print WidgetsBinding.instance.window.platformBrightness there is still light, event when dark mode is on.

When I set themeMode: ThemeMode.dark - dark mode is working, problem is with the automatic detection.

Also, when I run new blank project, dark mode worked fine. But in my app, which is builded, it does not work. Even if themeMode is set to ThemeMode.system:

      themeMode: ThemeMode.system,
      theme: ThemeData(
        accentColor: darkBlue,
        cursorColor: red,
        primaryColor: Colors.white,
        brightness: Brightness.light,
      darkTheme: ThemeData(
        accentColor: Colors.white,
        cursorColor: red,
        primaryColor: Colors.white,
        brightness: Brightness.dark,

Do you have any idea, what could be wrong or do you have any suggestions?

Flutter version: 1.12.13-hotfix.9 and iOS version: iPhone SE simulator - iOS 13.3

Thanks a lot.


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I figure it out - just simply removed this entry from info.plist that I have added before.

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    For those who are wondering: this also prevents WidgetsBindingObserver.didChangePlatformBrightness() from being called, because the UIUserInterfaceStyle is always Light and never changing. Thx!!
    – mixable
    Jan 6, 2021 at 18:32

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