I am create usernames with the iam module, and I am using the access_key_state: create option.

However, I want my playbook to output the Access Key and the Secret Access Key for each user.


- name: "Starting the tasks: Creates IAM Policy, group, Role and User"
  hosts: localhost
  connection: local
  gather_facts: False
    - vars/aws-credentials.yml


  - include: tasks/create-user.yml
    tags: user

  - include: tasks/create-group.yml
    tags: group


  # Create the IAM users with Console and API access
- name: Create new IAM users with API keys and console access
    iam_type: user
    name: "{{ item }}"
    state: present
    password: "{{ lookup('password', 'passwordfile chars=ascii_letters') }}"
    access_key_state: create
    update_password: on_create
  no_log: true
  register: newusers
    - johna
    - mariab
    - carlosc

- name: test
    msg: "{{ credentials.results }}"

The debug message "{{ credentials.results }}" gives me the Access Key, but not the Secret Access Key:

            "ansible_loop_var": "item",
            "changed": true,
            "created_keys": [],
            "failed": false,
            "groups": null,
            "invocation": {
                "module_args": {
                    "access_key_ids": null,
                    "access_key_state": "create",
                    "aws_access_key": null,
                    "aws_secret_key": null,
                    "debug_botocore_endpoint_logs": false,
                    "ec2_url": null,
                    "groups": null,
                    "iam_type": "user",
                    "key_count": 1,
                    "name": "carol.v",
                    "new_name": null,
                    "new_path": null,
                    "password": "VALUE_SPECIFIED_IN_NO_LOG_PARAMETER",
                    "path": "/",
                    "profile": null,
                    "region": null,
                    "security_token": null,
                    "state": "present",
                    "trust_policy": null,
                    "trust_policy_filepath": null,
                    "update_password": "always",
                    "validate_certs": true
            "item": "carlosc",
            "keys": {
                "AK_________FV": "Active"
            "user_meta": {
                "access_keys": [
                        "access_key_id": "AK_________FV",
                        "status": "Active"
            "user_name": "carlosc"

How to get the Secret Access Key for each user?

Update 09 May 2020: For further reference.


Bad news; it appears they are purposefully throwing the secret_access_key in the trash: https://github.com/ansible/ansible/blob/v2.9.7/lib/ansible/modules/cloud/amazon/iam.py#L238-L241

It appears the only way around that is to set key_count: 0 in your iam: and then use awscli or a custom ansible module to make that same iam.create_access_key call and preserve the result

- name: create access key for {{ item }}
  command: aws iam create-access-key --user-name {{ item }}
    AWS_REGION: '{{ the_region_goes_here }}'
    AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: '{{ whatever_you_called_your_access_key }}'
    AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: '{{ your_aws_secret_access_key_name_here }}'
  register: user_keys
  - johna
  - mariab
  - carlosc

Feel free to file an issue, although you'll likely have to file it against the new amazon.aws collection since that iam.py is no longer present in the devel branch

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  • That's too bad! Would you have an example of how to achieve that using Ansible, please? – Manuela May 6 at 5:01
  • Sure, I didn't think the description was so opaque, but I updated the answer to include the skeleton of such a task – mdaniel May 6 at 6:53

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