Is there a button in ExtJS with increment/decrement feature (something like that)? I have some numberfields with values that are usually incremented/decremented when edited and this button would be very helpful. Note that it is not critical for me to stick the button to my numberfield, I mean I can handle it as a separate object.

Any bright ideas? Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: Two narrow buttons sticked together would be a solution too.. Anybody knows how to place two buttons that way in a single grid toolbar?


You can use this 3rd party extension...


It might require a little debugging as its for ExtJS 3.0, not 3.3


Yes, in Ext 4 the NumberField has exactly that behavior (see this as one example). This is a change from Ext 3, which required a spinner user extension I believe for such behavior.


No, in default package there is no such control. May be as some external package somewhere.

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