I try to build Android Nativescript App, with Sidekick, but always i get next error:

[20-05-06 18:46:17.245] (CLI) C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\Desarrollo\NativeScript\xxxx\node_modules\nativescript-dev-webpack\snapshot\android\project-snapshot-generator.js:160
        throw new Error(noV8VersionFoundMessage);
Error: Cannot find suitable v8 version!

Only fail in Android build, build for iOS is working fine.


As error message say you don't have suitable java JDK. You should download java 8 from here https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-jdk8-downloads.html

and select a suitable version for your operating system which is windows I think. if you don't want to install it manually you can follow nativescript documentation and use this command :

choco install adoptopenjdk --version 8.192

useful documentation links :



and make sure java is installed and registered by running

java -version

to check if java installed and add JAVA_HOME to environment variables and use

echo %JAVA_HOME%

to check if JAVA_HOME variable is set as I show in the screenshot enter image description here

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  • C:\Users\XXXX>choco install adoptopenjdk --version 8.192 Chocolatey v0.10.15 Installing the following packages: adoptopenjdk By installing you accept licenses for the packages. adoptopenjdk v8.192 already installed. Use --force to reinstall, specify a version to install, or try upgrade. – Jonathan Cordero Duarte May 18 at 20:48
  • please make sure java is added to the path and add JAVA_HOME environment variable, I have updated the answer with more information. – Islam Assem May 19 at 10:33

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