I need some insight on how the pool.request().query(sqlQuery) works.

I have the code working fine and all, but I need to learn what all I can do with the result of the query.

My current code within a function:

const result = await pool.request().query(sqlQuery);
return result;

In this code, when I run the debugger and inspect the value of result, I see

output:Object {}
recordset:Array(1) [Object]
recordsets:Array(1) [Array(1)]
rowsAffected:Array(0) []
__proto__:Object {constructor: , __defineGetter__: , __defineSetter__: , …}

So I was assuming that the I can use these. I went ahead and used

  const result = await pool.request().query(sqlQuery);
      logger.info(" rows affected "+ rowsAffected.Array(0));
// The above is where I am not sure how I can get the rows affected.
     return result;

I don't seem to be winning here, as the console log says

rows affected undefined.

I obviously don't know my ways here and there is probably something I am missing. I checked the google but all the suggestions are resulting in undefined.

I need the rowsAffected information to pass the right message beck to the response. How do I get the rowsAffected value

What would I be missing?

  • First of all, it looks like you have a syntax error in logger. Use the following command in order to log the info logger.info("rows affected "+ result.rowsAffected);. However, keep in mind, that rowsAffected will have values only if you have used mutation queries (e.g. insert, update, delete) – Yegor May 7 at 5:48
  • Thanks Yegor, that us what I had actually used in the code. But made a mistake in posting the code. I have corrected the post now. The logger does not print anything for the result.rowsAffected . I was hoping I could get a 0 or more counts here? – vakichak May 7 at 5:53
  • In order to get a count of affected rows you have to use result.rowsAffected.length. To be honest, I've never seen such syntax in JS as you used rowsAffected.Array(0). Simple Node JS script with the same syntax throws an error: a = []; a.Array(0); Thrown: TypeError: a.Array is not a function – Yegor May 7 at 6:15
  • thanks Yegor, I am new and I might have copied from some online resource. – vakichak May 7 at 17:56

rowsAffected:Array(0) []

means that result has a property named rowsAffected and it's type is an Array. This array happens to have 0 elements.

Change your logger statement to

logger.info(" rows affected "+ result.rowsAffected[0]);

This is assuming that sqlQuery is actually adding or updating records. The fact that you have a 0-element array implies you are not updating any records in this call.

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  • logger.info(' rows affected '+ result.rowsAffected[0]); prints rows affected undefined – vakichak May 7 at 6:16
  • That's the assumption I wrote about in my answer. What kind of query are you executing? – Babak Naffas May 7 at 19:18

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