We added a new value to a custom list by using v1pysdk. As described in the following version one doc. But displaying newly added custom list values are being controlled at the project workspace. We are not sure how to check the display the new value in the custom field dropdown for stories using v1pysdk. https://community.versionone.com/VersionOne_Connect/Developer_Library/Sample_Code/Customizing_List_Type_Names_and_Values_using_the_API.

I instantiated version like this

v1 = V1Meta(

I added a new value to the custom list type like below. Custom_Repository is the custom list type asset.


When I executed the above command the new value is being added to the custom list type fine. But I am having trouble on how to toggle the display checkbox for this new value using the v1pysdk.

The following is the exact problem I am having is this. But I want a way to fix it via v1pysdk.


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