I'm trying to get a 'loading' div for my ajaxified website. using JSF 2.0's f:ajax tag for adding ajax to the website and 'trying' to make the loadin div show using jQuery $(document).ajaxStart function.

The jQuery code part looks like this:

    console.log("ajax start");
    console.log("ajax end");

The log functions are never called. Any Idea why? Do JSF ajax and javascript ajax not work together?


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You should use jsf.ajax.addOnEvent(callback) to display a loading div. Maybe addOnError too.

See the documentation

var statusUpdate = function statusUpdate(data) {

You will need to work with data.status

  • begin: before the request is sent
  • complete: request recieved
  • success: request succesfully processed (without errors)

Examples using this api:


The shorthand $ can be the problem if using jsf, component libraries and jquery.

Try to call jQuery this way:

jQuery(document).ajaxStart(function(){ ... });

That's correct. Different JSF implementations may use different AJAX engines, and the jQuery ajaxStart/ajaxStop only apply to those components that route AJAX requests through the jQuery $.ajax function.

In contrast, if you're using Primefaces, the jQuery ajaxStart/ajaxStop events will fire and the jsf.ajax.onEvent will not fire.

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