I set up the environment and ran jhipster with cassandra docker file.

Everything was ok until when I realized that the entities generated with jhipster entity CLI are not in the Cassandra DB

> jhipster entity my_entity_name
> ...
> cqlsh describe keyspaces;      // show all the keyspaces
> cqlsh describe keyspace_Name.my_entity_name;   //error: no table named my_entity_name

I can see only the default entities generated when creating the project, where do the entities go after running > jhipster entity my_entity_name?

I would like to understand the Jhipster architecture thoroughly, are there any links?

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  • Have you read jhipster.tech/using-cassandra – Gaël Marziou May 8 at 16:21
  • Thanks so I have to migrate them into a real cassandra DB ? Can I also use my local cassandra DB? Not the docker one – Baziwe May 9 at 6:04
  • Yes it's written in the doc I linked. – Gaël Marziou May 9 at 8:58
  • Ok thanks, I will read everything carefully – Baziwe May 10 at 1:48

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