I am using spark 2.4.5 and I need to calculate the sentiment score from a token list column (MeaningfulWords column) of df1, according to the words in df2 (spanish sentiment dictionary). In df1 I must create a new column with the scores list of tokens and another column with the mean of scores (sum of scores / count words) of each record. If any token in the list (df1) is not in the dictionary (df2), zero is scored.

The Dataframes looks like this:

df1.select("ID","MeaningfulWords").show(truncate=True, n=5)
|                ID|               MeaningfulWords|
|abcde00000qMQ00001|[casa, alejado, buen, gusto...|
|abcde00000qMq00002|[clientes, contentos, servi...|
|abcde00000qMQ00003|                 [resto, bien]|
|abcde00000qMQ00004|[mal, servicio, no, antiend...|
|abcde00000qMq00005|[gestion, adecuada, proble ...|

|score|      word|
| 1.68|abandonado|
| 3.18|    abejas|
|  2.8|    aborto|
| 2.46| abrasador|
| 8.13|    abrazo|

The new columns to add in df1, should look like this:

|         MeanScore|            ScoreList|
|              2.95|[3.10, 2.50, 1.28,...|
|              2.15|[1.15, 3.50, 2.75,...|
|              2.75|[4.20, 1.00, 1.75,...|
|              3.25|[3.25, 2.50, 3.20,...|
|              3.15|[2.20, 3.10, 1.28,...|

I have reviewed some options using .join, but using columns with different data types gives error. I have also tried converting the Dataframes to RDD and calling a function:

def map_words_to_values(review_words, dict_df):
return [dict_df[word] for word in review_words if word in dict_df]


reviewsRDD_dict_values = RDD1.map(lambda tuple: (tuple[0], map_words_to_values(tuple[1], RDD2)))

But with this option I get the error:

PicklingError: Could not serialize object: Exception: It appears that you are attempting to broadcast an RDD or reference an RDD from an action or transformation. RDD transformations and actions can only be invoked by the driver, not inside of other transformations; for example, rdd1.map(lambda x: rdd2.values.count() * x) is invalid because the values transformation and count action cannot be performed inside of the rdd1.map transformation. For more information, see SPARK-5063.

I have found some examples to score text using afinn library. But it doesn't works with spanish text.

I wanna try to utilize native functions of pyspark instead of using udfs to avoid affect the performance, if it's possible. But I'm a begginer in spark and I would like to find the spark way to do that.


You could do this by first joining using array_contains word, then groupBy with aggregations of first, collect_list, and mean.(spark2.4+)

welcome to SO


#|ID                |MeaningfulWords             |
#|abcde00000qMQ00001|[casa, alejado, buen, gusto]|
#|abcde00000qMq00002|[clientes, contentos, servi]|
#|abcde00000qMQ00003|[resto, bien]               |


#|score|     word|
#| 1.68|     casa|
#|  2.8|  alejado|
#| 1.03|     buen|
#| 3.68|    gusto|
#| 0.68| clientes|
#|  2.1|contentos|
#| 2.68|    servi|
#| 1.18|    resto|
#| 1.98|     bien|

from pyspark.sql import functions as F
df1.join(df2, F.expr("""array_contains(MeaningfulWords,word)"""),'left')\

#|ID                |MeaningfullWords            |ScoreList              |MeanScore         |
#|abcde00000qMQ00003|[resto, bien]               |[1.18, 1.98]           |1.58              |
#|abcde00000qMq00002|[clientes, contentos, servi]|[0.68, 2.1, 2.68]      |1.8200000000000003|
#|abcde00000qMQ00001|[casa, alejado, buen, gusto]|[1.68, 2.8, 1.03, 3.68]|2.2975            |
  • 1
    @reply your solution is great! and it perfectly solves my problem. I have added a ,how = 'left' in the join, to keep all df1 rows. For me, think in the Spark way instead of pandas solution is a bit difficult yet. – EJS May 9 '20 at 10:29
  • Hi @murtihash, Do you know why in the result, it lost columns of df1?. Im trying to add ` .select (df1.col('year'),df1.col('Meaningfulwords'), df1.col('ID'))` before .groupBy, but it does'nt show me the 'year' column. Would this be a new ask in SO?. Thanks in advance for your help!. – EJS May 25 '20 at 14:26
  • Wrap year in the .agg as a .first just like u did with meaningful words – murtihash May 25 '20 at 16:52
  • Thanks a lot, I'm trying this option but I get a java.lang.NullPointerException.I'm not sure what happen. – EJS May 25 '20 at 17:17
  • would recommend to open up a new question with more info on ur task – murtihash May 25 '20 at 17:29

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