I have a table called months - this contains all 12 months of the calendar, the IDs correspond to the month number.

I will be running a query to retrieve 2 or 3 sequential months from this table, e.g

  • April & May
  • June, July, August
  • December & January

However I want to ensure that whenever December are January and retrieved, that it retrieves them in that order, and not January - December. Here is what I have tried:

SELECT * FROM `months`

WHERE start_date BETWEEN <date1> AND <date2>

    FIELD(id, 12, 1)

This works for December & January, but now when I try to retrieve January & February it does those in the wrong order, i.e "February - January" - I'm guessing because we specified 1 in the ORDER BY as the last value.

Anybody know the correct way to achieve this? As I mentioned this should also work for 3 months, so for example "November, December, January" and "December, January, February" should all be retrieved in that order.

  • I don't understand. Your question is about January and February, but your query relates to December and January!?!
    – Strawberry
    May 9 '20 at 14:38
  • I think we need a question that's more targeted at the actual problem
    – Strawberry
    May 9 '20 at 14:46
  • How will you pass the list of numbers?
    – forpas
    May 9 '20 at 14:57

If you want December first, but the other months in order, then:

order by (id = 12) desc, id

MySQL treats booleans as numbers, with "1" for true and "0" for false. The desc puts the 12s first.


To handle the more general case, you can use window functions. Assuming the numbers are consecutive, then the issue is trickier. This will work for 2 and 3-month spans:

order by (case min(id) over () > 1 then id end),
         (case when id > 6 1 else 2 end),

I'm reluctant to think about a more general solution based only on months. After all, you can just use:

order by start_date

Or, if you have an aggregation query:

order by min(start_date)

to solve the real problem.

  • Thanks man! Sometimes we over-complicate things! The order by start_date is all I needed to make this work correctly! Thanks again :)
    May 9 '20 at 16:06

This is not "mysql solution" properly :

with cte (id, month) AS (
  select id, month from months 
  union all 
  select id, month from months
, cte1 (id, month, r) as (select id, month, row_number() over() as r from cte ) 
select * from cte1 
  where id in (12, 1) 
           and r >= 12 order by r limit 2 ;

 @monthfrom int = 12,
 @monthto int = 1;

with months as (select 1 m
    union all
    select m+1 from months where m<12)

 select m
 from months
 where m in (@monthfrom,@monthto)
 order by
    case when @monthfrom>@monthto



Basically in MySQL this can be done the same way:

set @from =12;
set @to =1;
with recursive months(m) as (
  select 1 m 
  union all 
  select m+1 from months where m<12)   
select * 
from months 
where m in (@from,@to) 
order by case when @from>@to then m%12 else m end;

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