I'd like to store a variable of type Actor in a variable which is of a BP interface type.

Is there something like a Cast To BP Interface BP node? I know about the Does Implement Interface (which does not return a reference to the interface instance) and the Cast To (which doesn't work for interfaces) nodes. But these do not allow me to get an instance of my BP interface type.

I know that I could store the actor in a variable of type Actor and then invoke the interface functions on that actor. But that seems like a type system workaround to me. That's why I'd like to enfore the interface type on the variable.

Bluprint node setup

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    Cast To does work, it just doesn't show up in the context. Disable 'Context Sensitive' or click in an empty place in the graph to create a Cast To node, and then hook it up to your actor. – Rotem Aug 7 at 15:58

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