I am currently trying to connect a GitHub Repo to Ionic App Flow. Therefore, I have set up everything as proposed.

  1. Install ionic CLI as suggested by npm install -g @ionic/cli
  2. Created local App
  3. Created App in App Flow dashboard
  4. Set up SSH Key to GitHub

Additionally, I am admin in the GitHub Repo, yet I am not the owner of it.

If i want to connect the App Flow App to my GitHub Repo i do the following as instructed:

  1. I link the ionic app by ionic link XXXXX
  2. Following the instructions

  3. Which git host would you like to use? >> GitHub.

  4. Does the repository exist on GitHub? (Y/n) >> Y.

This is when the trouble kicks in. I am asked to auth to Github and get back a list of all Repos I have access too. However, the one I am admin at and want to connect the Repo to is not listed.

Same case in the dashboard under AppName > Settings > Git All my personal repos and to I am Collaborater at are shown, but not the one I am looking for. Can someone help and tell my why this is the case and how to resolve this issue?

Constructive help appreciated. Thanks in advance!

enter image description here


I just ran into this myself. Go to the Github organization's settings page, and on the Third-party access tab - turn off the application access restrictions. Then on the Ionic dashboard your organization should appear in the dropdown.

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