Since a few days ago, I've been getting the following error when running any query on the GHTorrent and SOTorrent datasets on BigQuery:

Access Denied: Project ghtorrent-bq: User does not have bigquery.jobs.create permission in project ghtorrent-bq.

The error shows up even for the simplest queries, such as SELECT * FROM 'ghtorrent-bq.ght.issues' LIMIT 1000. The same query worked without any problems until a few days ago, and I have no idea what might cause this new behaviour.


The **ghtorrent-bq** and **sotorrent-org** are projects with public datasets. Therefore, you should be able to access its data as long as you are compliant with the dataset permissions. You can check it as follows (in the example I will be using the ghtorrent-bq project and ght dataset):

  1. Click at the project, in the bottom left side of the BigQuery console

  2. Select the dataset, in this case I selected ght

  3. Below the query editor, click SHARE DATASET

  4. Now, under the tab DATASET PERMISSIONS you can see the authorised menmber and each role

  5. Click the BigQuery Data Viewer role, you can see that one of the members is allAuthenticatedUsers

Therefore, if you are authenticated with a google account using BigQuery, you should be able to see the data within the dataset.

The next point, and usual cause of this error, you should check if you selected the project. I was able to reproduce your error when not selecting the project. Inside the BigQuery Console, on the upper right side of the screen, confirm if there is a project selected -if not, it will be written Select Project. After selecting the project, you should have the permission to run a query against the data within these datasets.

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    Thanks Alexandre! The problem was indeed that no project was selected in the "Select Project" part. Now it works perfectly. Thanks again! – user13516810 May 11 at 13:32

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