I need tasking for my next project but I'm not sure if all Ada features are available for RISC-V. There is a LED blink example here but not much more.


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You would need a runtime that supports tasking. AdaCore has a collection of Bareboard runtimes for small, embedded devices at


There is some RISC-V support there, including what looks to be Ravenscar tasking (a subset of the full Ada tasking model)

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I asked AdaCore. They responded as follow:

Tasking (Ravenscar) on the FE310 is not supported yet.

The next release of GNAT Community will most likely provide support for tasking on the RISC-V64 SiFive Unleashed board.


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    If you need it before then, you may consider attempting a port of another (probably ARM) RTS to the RISC-V. If FreeRTOS is supported on your platform this one from Simon Wright may be worth looking at, but the port may take non-trivial effort. github.com/simonjwright/cortex-gnat-rts – Brian Drummond May 12 at 11:22

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