I have got the following error after upgrading Kentico 11 to Kentico 12 SP1.

The action I have made: 1. I have removed all the reference of Kentico dll and I added new reference. 2. All the DLL (both at solution and the published website) in BIN folder and VS belong to version 12, not 11 as written on the error. Also the associated dependency (I have it with ILSPY) . 3. I removed all the file at C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v4.0.30319/Temporary ASP.NET Files/ 4. I cleared cache and reset IIS. 5. That assembly doesn't appeared on any file on my solution (even not in WEB.config) . 6. I check the file of the project Web.csproj and it contain the assembly (CMS.DataEngine) without the version,Culture and PublicKeyToken - I added it like other assembly of kentico There is no sign of version , so why the website searching after that version ???

Thank you, enter image description here


If you received any errors during the upgrade, this could cause the DLLs to not update in the /Lib directory.

I suggest going to the /Lib directory and checking the file properties to ensure you have file versions of 12.0.xxx and not something with version 11.0.xxx. There should be no need to manually re-add/update the references in the project after an upgrade.

After you verify your DLL version in the /Lib directory, then delete the /CMS/Bin directory and rebuild your application.

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  • Hi Brenden, I did that action a lot of time. All the DLL files of Kentico in those path belong to version 12: - CMS/Bin - Custom Projects/Bin -Lib -Bin folder in the published website. All the DLL reference of Kentico in VS are version 12. There is no sign to version 11 – idan May 11 at 16:25
  • @idan Do you have binding redirects in your web.config that tell ASP.NET to try and load an older version (11.0) of the CMS.DataEngine assembly? – seangwright May 11 at 18:17
  • @idan Sometimes another assembly that is looking for a specific version of a dependent assembly could cause the wrong version to be loaded. Check your /bin for any 11.0.x CMS.*.dll files – seangwright May 11 at 18:34
  • If you have custom assembly project, remove all references to Kentico DLLs and re-add them back, selecting the v12 DLLs. – jurajo May 12 at 5:13
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    I'd suggest installing a new instance of Kentico and reviewing the web.config file and references to make sure you're project is setup correctly. We validate this with EVERY upgrade we perform. – Brenden Kehren May 14 at 13:31

I have found a solution. The Lib folder was exist inside the folder of the solution with file explorer, but unlike the previous version (Kentico 11), when I have performed the upgrade, the Lib folder was not under the solution in visual studio! I have added the folder in visual studio under the solution with all the DLL and XML files from Lib folder. I have perform "clean solution", build all the projects and published it. Now it works.

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