I am trying to send data to azure service bus in react native using azure service bus npm package but everytime it is giving me MessagingError exception in catch block. I tried it using node js and .net, I am successfully able to push data to service bus, but when I am trying to achieve same thing using react native, it is not working. Below is the code which is working when running using node js, but when I run same from react native application, it is giving MessagingError.

import { ServiceBusClient } from "@azure/service-bus";
export function main() {
  const sbClient = ServiceBusClient.createFromConnectionString(connectionString);

  // createSender() can also be used to create a sender for a topic.
  const queueClient = sbClient.createQueueClient(queueName);
  const sender = queueClient.createSender();
  const message = {
    body: 'test data'

  sender.send(message).then((data) => {
      console.log('Message succeeded');
      console.log('data is', data);
  }).catch(err => {
      console.log('Message failed', err);


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