I'm trying to add a simple SwiftUI view to an existing project, but @State changes are not propagated properly. The code works as expected in a new project, but doesn't work in the older project. The same thing happens with @ObservedObject.


struct ChannelAccountsView: View {

    @State private var showGreeting = true

    var body: some View {
        VStack {
            Toggle(isOn: $showGreeting) {
                Text("Show welcome message")

            if showGreeting {
                Text("Hello World!")

class SceneDelegate: UIResponder, UIWindowSceneDelegate {

    var window: UIWindow?

    func scene(_ scene: UIScene, willConnectTo session: UISceneSession, options connectionOptions: UIScene.ConnectionOptions) {

        // Use a UIHostingController as window root view controller.
        if let windowScene = scene as? UIWindowScene {
            let window = UIWindow(windowScene: windowScene)
            let contentView = ChannelAccountsView()
            window.rootViewController = UIHostingController(rootView: contentView)
            self.window = window

New project:

enter image description here

Old project:

enter image description here

Tried all of the obvious fixes:

  • Edited AppDelegate and added SceneDelegate
  • Edited Info.plist
  • Cleaned Project and the Derived data
  • Reset simulator data
  • Tested on multiple simulators/devices

Any idea what might be going on?

  • What do you mean by older project and how it differs from new project?
    – Asperi
    May 12, 2020 at 4:06
  • @Asperi older project -> project that existed for 2+ years and previously didn't use SwiftUI new project -> newly created project that had SwiftUI selected as the UI creation option
    – Ivan Rep
    May 12, 2020 at 8:27

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I had a similar issue and the root cause was that my target had the Reflection Metadata Level set to None under Swift Compiler - General category inside Build Settings.

Changing it to All fixed it for me:

Reflection Metadata Level


Creating a new Target within the Project resolved the issues. Still not sure what the root cause is.

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