We've a database containing franchisee data and are creating multiple dashboards using a filter: eg dash 1 = filtered for "franchisee 1" data, dash 2 = filtered for "franchisee 2" etc

It's not a good plan as making changes to the master means changes need to be applied to the franchise copies

Is there a way of having a single master dashboard and having franchisees read their own data?

Thanks for your comment Francesco... To add more details/commentary.

In our database we have a franchise column which shows all of our franchisees - franchise 1, franchise 2 etc. (over 100)

We created a dashboard that we were happy with, with data reading from DB.

Then created one dashboard per franchisee with filter added to the data from DB, so that they could only ever see their data.

The issue is that each time we want to make a change to the dashboard, eg add a new column into a table in the dashboard, we need to make it to over 100 dashes.

Is there a better way of managing this, eg with a single master dashboard with franchisees reading from that (but still only seeing their data)?

  • Can you re-write your question a bit so it is clearer what are your constraints and what is your question? It seems to me that you are actually answering your own question and are just seeking validation. The confusing part for me is why you are saying "it's not a good plan as making changes to the master means changes ...", then, are you looking for individual Data Studio files for each of your clients? – Francesco Galletta May 12 at 14:09

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