We have form input fields (<ion-input>) in an Ionic v4 (Angular, Cordova) app like these:

<ion-input formControlName="firstName" type="text" inputmode="text" autocapitalize="sentences"></ion-input>

In the Android app (running on Android 8.1), these autofill "tooltips" show up:

enter image description here

Is there a way to disable / get rid of them? What is strange is that it shows email addresses although the input field is NOT declared as an email field (which could be done by setting inputmode to "email" instead of "text").


@ionic/angular: 4.11.10
cordova-android: 8.1.0
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  • In ion-inpit add attribute autocomplete="off" – Mostafa Harb May 14 at 1:46
  • how can we stop the auto complete in ionic v3?, please help us. we are facing some android 8+version OS – karthik elavan Jun 5 at 5:02
  • having the same issue , but it suggesting proper values ,,,, but we dont want that suggestion – MSD Jul 3 at 10:27

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