I want to return specific direction or North West and Sound East from the Bounding box BBox. Here is the function that I found online that returns bounding box value, however this function returns South West and North East:

const getBoundingBox = (data) => {
    var lats = []; var lngs = [];

    for (var i = 0; i < data[0].length; i++) {

    var minlat = Math.min.apply(null, lats),
        maxlat = Math.max.apply(null, lats);
    var minlng = Math.min.apply(null, lngs),
        maxlng = Math.max.apply(null, lngs);

    bbox = [[minlat, minlng], [maxlat, maxlng]];

    return bbox;

I tried shifting around things in the function but doesn't seems to return the value I expected. Here's sample polygon I'm trying.

{ "type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[115.92444, -32.076813], [115.924097, -32.084012], [115.933195, -32.086994], [115.939031, -32.08314], [115.939289, -32.079831], [115.933452, -32.075685], [115.929933, -32.074158], [115.92444, -32.076813]]] };

Basically I want to get the North West and Sound East from the above polygon data with help of BBox.

enter image description here

Any help would be highly appreciated.


If bbox = [[minlat, minlng], [maxlat, maxlng]]; returns your SW/NE bounds then all you need to do is bbox = [[maxlat, minlng], [minlat, maxlng]]; to get the NW/SE bounds.

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