I'm trying to run what seems like simple code for pytrends and am consistently receiving an error 400. any ideas?

I can change the years to 2019 and it works. Are we not able to pull recent data with this function?

# Since pytrends is returning a DataFrame object, we need pandas:
import pandas as pd
# Import of pytrends (needs to be pip installed first):
from pytrends.request import TrendReq

pytrends = TrendReq(hl='en-US', tz=360)
kw_list = ['sample1', 'sample2']

search_df =  pytrends.get_historical_interest(kw_list, year_start=2020,
                                             month_start=5, day_start=8,
                                             hour_start=0, year_end=2020,
                                             month_end=5, day_end=9, hour_end=0,

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