What is the difference between hot reload, hot restart, and full restart in Flutter and does web support them too?

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Hot Reload:

  • Hot reload loads code changes into the VM and re-builds the widget tree, preserving the app state; it doesn’t rerun main() or initState().

    For IntelliJ or Android Studio: cmd + \

    For VSCode: ctrl + F5

Hot Restart:

  • Hot restart loads code changes into the VM, and restarts the Flutter app, losing the app state.

    For IntelliJ or Android Studio: shift + cmd + \

    For VSCode: shift + ctrl + F5

Full Restart:

  • Full restart restarts the iOS, Android, or web app. This takes longer because it also recompiles the Java / Kotlin / ObjC / Swift code. On the web, it also restarts the Dart Development Compiler. There is no specific keyboard shortcut for this; you need to stop and start the run configuration.

Flutter web currently supports hot restart but not hot reload.

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