I am trying set a global var using react native. In a separate js file called Global.js I have:

module.exports = {
    startPointPath: { x: 0, y: 0 },
    endPointPath: { x: 0, y: 0 }

and in my app.js I include it like so:

import * as GLOBAL from '../state/Global';

When I call the variable in a Text field It works:

<Text> x: {GLOBAL.startPointPath.x}, y:{GLOBAL.startPointPath.y} </Text>

But when I am trying to set it in a function:

GLOBAL.startPointPath.setState({x: 10, y:10});
GLOBAL.endPointPath.setState({x:30, y: 30});

I get the error:

TypeError: GLOBAL.startPointPath.setState is not a function. (In 'GLOBAL.startPointPath.setState({
          x: 10,
          y: 10
        })', 'GLOBAL.startPointPath.setState' is undefined)

Can anyone tell me why and how to set it?

I am pretty new to react native so apologies if this is basic.

  • GLOBAL.startPointPath has no setState inside the exports its plain object try setting it just by assigning GLOBAL.startPointPath={x: 10, y:10}; – nivendha May 14 at 3:02

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