There is a try-catch block and inside the try block an Exception might be thrown. When this exception is thrown it doesn't make sense to continue in execution. I want to log occurrence of this exception into the log too. I do so and then I want to exit the program.

Should I call System.exit(1) or just call throw e? Does it even matter? What is "the best practice" here?

try {
} catch (Exception e) {
    log.error("Wow this is severe! We are done here!", e);
    //do I call "throw e" or "System.exit(1)" here?
  • if you just want to rethrow why catch ? just for logging it
  • also depends on how and where this method is being called, is this a library?
  • nothing else happens after this? in the code which is calling this
  • if there is no way to handle the issue, why not throw an Error?
  • System.exit(1) terminates the JVM whereas Exception will allow the program to recover
  • if this is a library and you want to indicate the client this is a major issue and cannot be handled throw an Error

To summarise

  1. throw Error if there is no way for client to recover
  2. throw Exception if there is a way to recover
  3. last thing to use would be System.exit(1) and when there is no client for the code.

There are no best practices.

There are only your requirements.

For some programs, the correct answer could be to exit the JVM immediately.

But yes, most of the time, you prefer to either

  • rethrow your exception
  • throw another exception
  • don't throw anything

Those are the three "common" options for handling exceptions. Which one to pick: again depends on your requirements and the behavior you want your program to have.

Final words: System.exit() is something that should be used in very small "tools like" applications. Something goes wrong, you give a clear error message, you stop. In any larger application, there should be exactly one layer/component that decides to tear down the JVM and everything with it. Because larger applications aren't meant to suddenly die on their users. To the contrary.

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    My feeling is that there should be a very limited number System.exit() calls and definitely not hidden many layers deep into your code. @GhostCat - Keep well. – Scary Wombat May 14 '20 at 6:25

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