I am looking at the equation PPV and Sensitivity

and I got this

PPV = TP / (TF+FN)


Sensitivity = TP / (TF+FN)

Which means both are the same !!

So do we have them in 2 names?

and how come F1 Score is

F1 Score = 2*PPV*S / (PPV+S)

Can we rewrite F1 Score to be

F1 Score = 2*PPV*PPV / (PPV+PPV) = 2*PPV*PPV / (2*PPV) = PPV !!

They all the same?

It seems there is some condition or something I am missing here!

can someone please explain to me what am I missing?

  • Not a programming question, hence arguably off-topic here; better suited for Corss Validated instead. – desertnaut May 14 '20 at 14:03

Using medical diagnosis as an example: sensitivity is the proportion testing positive among all those who actually have the disease.

Sensitivity = TP/(TP+FN) = TPR

While, PPV is how likely a patient has a predicted specific disease given the test results.

PPV = TP/(TP+FP) which is definitely NOT equal to TP/(TP+FN)!

Regarding F1: F1 is the harmonic mean of precision and sensitivity. One is normalized by column and the other normalized by row. Precision is synonymous with PPV while sensitivity is synonymous with TPR.

F1 = 2*PPV*TPR / (PPV+TPR)

  • I was looking at this paper arxiv.org/pdf/1703.08705 and it says PPV = TP / (TF+FN) in page 7 – asmgx May 15 '20 at 8:23

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