I want to read .epub file in iBooks apps so I am using UIDocumentInteractionController to open.epub file in iBooks .Everything is working fin but I want to show only iBooks app instead of other apps in UIDocumentInteractionController so I added UTI for iBooks but still its display all the app below is my code.

 var sharingController = UIDocumentInteractionController()
  sharingController.url = url
  sharingController.uti = "com.apple.iBooks"
  sharingController.name = url.lastPathComponent
  sharingController.presentOptionsMenu(from: view.frame, in: view, animated: true)

UTI is not bundle identifier, but uniform type identifier of content.

Try the following

sharingController.uti = "org.idpf.epub-container"

or using constant from MobileCoreServices

import MobileCoreServices

sharingController.uti = kUTTypeElectronicPublication as String

Update: btw as provided above (and other) option do not limit the called option dialog as documented (see below), because it's determined all applications capable to quick look, copy, open, etc for the file

// This is the default method you should call to give your users the option to quick look, open, or copy the document.
// Presents a menu allowing the user to Quick Look, open, or copy the item specified by URL.
// This automatically determines the correct application or applications that can open the item at URL.
// Returns NO if the options menu contained no options and was not opened.
// Note that you must implement the delegate method documentInteractionControllerViewControllerForPreview: to get the Quick Look menu item.
open func presentOptionsMenu(from rect: CGRect, in view: UIView, animated: Bool) -> Bool

if you'd need to open only the content of menu would be more short, only to readers supported epub.

// Presents a menu allowing the user to open the document in another application.  The menu
// will contain all applications that can open the item at URL.
// Returns NO if there are no applications that can open the item at URL.
open func presentOpenInMenu(from rect: CGRect, in view: UIView, animated: Bool) -> Bool
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  • Thanks for help.I tried with both your .uti but still appear all the app in UIDocumentInteractionController instead of only iBooks. – Rushabh May 18 at 5:21
  • @Rushabh, would you print & show example of url which pass in? – Asperi May 18 at 5:26
  • file:///private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/935F34BD-6A11-4593-B8F0-DFA08B2F6264/tmp/FreadOm.epub – Rushabh May 18 at 5:28
  • I tried presentOpenInMenu options so its display app list which is supporting .epub file but is their any way only show iBooks application then others apps – Rushabh May 18 at 6:10

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