My question is about is there any way to add keywords in the metadata of a Google site

(like <meta name="keywords" content=" keyword1 , keyword2 "/> )

Currently we are adding Alt text to every image in the site, with the keywords associated to each one.

Our objective is to manage one single list of keywords per all the G-Site, and get the best possible position in a Google search, based on these keywords.

  • Google has not used meta keywords since 2009 and its algorithm is smart enough to ignore a simple space separated list of keywords. There is no substitute for proper content.
    – RickN
    May 14, 2020 at 13:24

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If you are aiming for SEO you may try adding your keyword into your site title, slug, and meta as well, here is some link for you. This is what you should notice.

Well if you website happened to be built by WordPress, I will recommend you to install SEO plugins like Yoast or AllinOneSEO.

Try Yoast guide here.

You may try dig out more Yoast blog as I found that it was quite detailed (for your focused keyword usage part) try this link and go for more.

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