I have a tmux command for switching windows kinda like these guys tmux script for fast window switching with fzf-tmux gives me the wrong options

it uses fzf-tmux in it. It worked fine until today when I updated to Ubuntu 20.04. The problem is as soon as it gets to fzf-tmux it stops accepting any keyboard input - I can neither close tmux nor switch panes - nothing.

The problem is definitely fzf-tmux: I reduced my command right down to

bind C-f run-shell "echo 'abc' | fzf-tmux"

and the result is still the same

If I open second terminal and attach to the same session it works ok until I press the shortcut again.

I tried opening it in different terminal emulator, switching tmux prefix, switching the C-f keybinding: the result is still the same.

If I just copy the command and run it in terminal it works fine

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The issue was that tmux after 3.0 locks up everything until the run-shell command exits if the -b flag is not passed

https://github.com/junegunn/fzf/issues/1841 https://github.com/tmux/tmux/issues/2025#issuecomment-567849015

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