in my app i have ListTile where i show my images but how can i change my images url if i have 404 error, on default image, cuz if i get 404 i have white screen in image, i trying this:

                String imageURL = 'someURL';
                String imageUrlDef = 'defaulURL';
                String url = imageUrlDef;

                Future checkImg() async{
                  var response = await http.get(imageURL);

                  if(response.statusCode == 200){
                    url = imageURL;

You can use CachedNetworkImage library for the check Image availability on the server or not ,if there is image not available on server then ,it redirect you to the errorWidget where you can create your Error widget as you want , below is the example of it, please check it once

      imageUrl: "https://picsum.photos/250?image=9",
      placeholder: (context, url) => new CircularProgressIndicator(),
      errorWidget: (context, url, error) => new Icon(Icons.error),  //// YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN ERROR WIDGET HERE
  • Happy to help you man!! Keep happy coding :) And thank you very much for your lovely words :) – Ravindra Kushwaha May 15 '20 at 6:47

Try to open the Image in a new Tab, because Flutter may not recognise the Image in the Website.

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