Given an n-ary tree, put the root node in a list. Repeat the following procedure:

Take an arbitrary node in this list and replace it with its immediate child nodes in the tree.

At each step, the resulting list represents a subset of the three with some interesting properties:

  • No two nodes in the list are direct or indirect descendants of each other
  • Any path that I walk from the root node, I will end up at a node in this list

Is there a name for this kind of subset of an n-ary tree?

enter image description here

  • I've never heard of that subset of a tree being described anywhere. Depending on what you do when replacing leaf nodes, continuing that procedure will either result in an empty list, or a list that contains just leaf nodes. – Jim Mischel May 15 at 22:36
  • It's fine if there isn't a special name. It just felt special to me, as it seems to split the tree into two regions of sorts. The subset if something like a 'frontier', where we start to explore the tree from the root and the two regions are 'places were we have been' and 'places were we have yet to go to'. I'm using this in a piece of code and - ultimately - am looking for a good way to comment the code, just thought there would be a concise explanation for it. – thessalchips May 17 at 20:15

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