I have installed ExtJS 7 GPL version following the instructions received by email

npm login --registry=https://sencha.myget.org/F/gpl/npm/ --scope=@sencha
npm install -g @sencha/ext-gen
ext-gen app -a -t moderndesktop -n ModernApp
cd modern-app
npm start

When running npm start, I have the following message in the terminal

[ext]: ext-webpack-plugin v7.0.0, Ext JS v7.0.0 Commercial Edition

When the app opens in the browser, there is an ExtJs Trial watermark added.

I tried to build the app with Sencha Cmd, but the result is quite the same: Sencha cmd outputs a message about GPL licencing, but the watermark is still here !

How can I properly download and install GPL version?

Note that I tried this with Ubuntu 18.04

Thanks in advance.

  • Using Sencha Cmd (npx sencha app build), it says correctly Using GPL version of Ext JS, but the watermark is still there. Jun 25 '20 at 14:33
  • forum.sencha.com/forum/… suggests to hide it with CSS, but this doesn't seem a viable solution to me. Jun 25 '20 at 15:49

They usually forget to remove the watermark when GPL is released. It happened before in both version 5 and 6.

In order to remove it, update the file .\node_modules@sencha\ext-classic-theme-base\sass\etc\all.scss. The $ext-trial property should have a value of false!default;

$ext-trial: false!default;

If you update the NPM package you will need to set it to true again, but it did not happen to me up to now..

  • Don't you remember how you removed it? Jun 25 '20 at 15:48

The GPL licence allows you to make a copy of the source, modify it, and publish it.

I published a fixed version of the affected package ext-classic-theme-base, that removes the watermark.

You can install it by adding this line under dependencies in your package.json:

"@sencha/ext-classic-theme-base": "https://github.com/lmeyer1/ext-classic-theme-base/tarball/master",

This will replace @sencha's original faulty package with the corrected one, then run npm install.

You can force an update of this package with npm install -f @sencha/ext-classic-theme-base. You might need this because this is not a versioned package.

The display of the version by the webpack plugin is wrong, because tthe webpack plugin ignores the existence of the GPL version. The code says:

  if (v._resolved == undefined) {
    v.edition = `Commercial`
  else {
    if (-1 == v._resolved.indexOf('community')) {
      v.edition = `Commercial`
    else {
      v.edition = `Community`


[ext]: ext-webpack-plugin v7.0.0, Ext JS v7.0.0 Commercial Edition

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