What is the purpose of using .kts files in Kotlin? Are these files included in the app bundle when releasing the app?

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  • You can check this in your apk
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    May 16 '20 at 7:48

.kt — normal source files, .kts — script files

The .kts files are those that run as script files, without a need for separate compilation. it is run using the following command:

kotlinc -script <filename>.kts

You don't need main function in a .kts file, It will be executed line by line just like a bash/python script.


.Kt and .Kts

  • They are all kotlin files that contain kotlin source code.
  • .kt file are assumed to be compiled by the kotlin compiler.
  • .Kts files are assumed to be executed by kotlin scriting support.

As Explained in kolinConf18

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