In our project so many file changes are happening, I want some notification for every checkin. so that every one in the team can know the files changed in the project. I want some basic information about the file like comments and the branch.


That means "trigger": specifically a post-op checking trigger:

cleartool mktrtype -c "Trigger to notify on checking" -element -all -postop checkin -execwin "ccperl \\path\to\notification\script" -execunix "Perl /path/to/notification.pl" NOTIFY_ON_CHECKING

You can get some ideas from the "ten best triggers" IBM page.

See also the E-mail notification postoperation trigger script, which is on deliver, but that can also give you a good idea for adapting it for each checkin.

  • thanks for the help VonC – harry Jun 1 '11 at 8:46

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