I have a number which currently is 1,657,108,700 and growing. However I wish for it to show as 1,657,108k

Does javascript or html have a build in function to do this?

The value is being set throu javascript to a span field in html.


From the comment I got my method as far as:

var start = '1,657,108,700';                
start = (start / 1000).toFixed(0);                                      
var finish = '';
while (start.length > 3)
    finish = ','.concat(start.substring(start.length - 3, 3), finish);      
    start = start.substring(0, start.length - 3);
finish = start + finish + "k";
return finish;

however this returns 1,65,7k instead of 1,657,108k.. anyone know why?

var formattedNumber = Math.round(yourNumber / 1000).toLocaleString() + "k";

Turn the above into a function or not as appropriate. I'm not aware of a single function to do this, or of a way to cater for non-English versions of "k" (assuming there are some), but at least toLocaleString() should take care of the comma versus fullstop for thousands issue.

UPDATE: I posted the above without testing it; when I tried it out I found toLocaleString() formatted 1234 as 1,234.00. I had thought of fixing it by using a regex replace to remove trailing zeros except of course I can't be sure what character toLocaleString() is going to use for the decimal point, so that won't work. I guess you could write some code that uses toLocaleString() on a "control" number (e.g., 1.1) to see at runtime what character it uses for the decimal.

UPDATE 2 for your updated question, inserting the commas manually, I did it like this:

var unformattedNumber = 123456;
var a = unformattedNumber.toString().split("");
for (var i=a.length-3; i >0; i-=3)
var formattedNumber = a.join("") + "k";
  • Updated answer works perfectly – Theun Arbeider May 31 '11 at 8:43

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