I am trying to create and publish an image as an asset using the Contentful Content Management API and have been unsuccessful so far, I have been able to successfully create and publish an entry and I cannot figure out why asset is not working. Here is my code for creating an asset. The eventual goal is to make this work for an array of images/attachments but I am trying to get it working with just one before I handle multiple.

  makeAsset = async (item) => {
    try {
      var MClient = createClient({
      let space = await MClient.getSpace(
      let environment = await space.getEnvironment(

      const asset = await environment.createAsset({
        fields: {
          title: {
            "en-US": item.imgNames[0],
          file: {
            "en-US": {
              fileName: item.images[0].name,
              contentType: item.images[0].type,
              uploadFrom: item.imgUrls[0],

      const processedAsset = await asset.processForAllLocales();

And the error in the console is this:

ValidationFailed: {
  "status": 422,
  "statusText": "",
  "message": "Validation error",
  "details": {
    "errors": [
        "name": "type",
        "value": "(The rest of the image URL from above)
        "type": "Object",
            "details": "The type of \"value\" is incorrect, expected type: Object",
            "path": [
"request": {
    "url": "assets",
    "headers": {
      "Accept": "application/json, text/plain, */*",
      "Content-Type": "application/vnd.contentful.management.v1+json",
      "X-Contentful-User-Agent": "sdk contentful-management.js/5.26.1; platform browser; os Windows;",
      "Authorization": "Bearer ...7ijJE"
    "method": "post",
    "payloadData": "{\"fields\":{\"title\":{\"en-US\":\"scuba_mask\"},\"file\":{\"en-US\":{\"fileName\":\"scuba_mask.png\",\"contentType\":\"image/png\",\"uploadFrom\":\"(The rest of image URL)

I have been trying to search for other example because the documentation is patchy and none of the examples are working for me. One solution I tried was using the fs.createReadStream() function but that was removed from React.

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Heyooo, Contentful Developer Relations here. 👋

You're right, the docs can be improved on that end. :/ Did you give createAssetFromFiles are try?

We have two different upload mechanisms.

  1. Provide a URL that Contentful will fetch to create an asset. In the JavaScript CMA SDK that's the createAsset method.

  2. Trigger a direct file upload. For that, we provide createAssetFromFiles.

We also have this a little bit older but working example in react. It uses createAssetFromFiles and uploads files right from the browser using the Content Management API. :)

I hope that helps, and sorry about the confusion.

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