Since 9/17/2019, Valve provided an API that allows players to give access to third-party websites to download their matchs history.

From this documentation, I have been able to get all my sharing code CSGO-xxxxx-xxxxx..., ready to download the matchs ! But, I didn't find any information about how to download them. In this page and the last one, we can read Third-party websites and applications can use this authentication code to access your match history, your overall performance in those matches, download replays of your matches, and analyze your gameplay. and This page outlines the basics of creating a website or application to access players match history and help with players statistics tracking and gameplay analysis.. So, I'm pretty sure their might be a way.

Most of all, a famous website, https://csgostats.gg is able to download demos from this sharing code, so...

I know that this code CSGO-xxxxx-xxxxx... code be use like this steam://rungame/730/:steamID:/+csgo_download_match%20CSGO-xxxxx-xxxxx to watch the demo. But my goal is really to download it, to be able to parse it. So, I'm not looking for this way.

So, I'm looking for a way to download a CSGO demo using Valve's access token : enter image description here

You can download CSGO demo with this link : http://replay131.valve.net/730/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxx.dem.bz2, but I havn't find a way to convert the sharing code to the demo's name.

I'm not sure if this question should be here or in software engineering ? ...


Alright, I forgot to answer my own question.

Since 4 months, I used this answer : https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/glwlq1/how_to_download_csgo_demo_from_match_sharing_code/fr0f8q5/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

But, once I got my MatchID, OutcomeID and TokenID, I use boiler-writter to download the .info. Then inside, I can easily find the link of the demo.

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    Hi! Did you find a way to parse the demo into json data?
    – Sebastian
    Nov 10 '20 at 20:59

CSGO-Demos-Manager (https://github.com/akiver/CSGO-Demos-Manager) can do this. It is written in C#. Unfortunately I have been unable to find any other solution.

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