i want to create new function in helper, but it still failed : Call to undefined function

i save my helper at app/Helper/Text_helper.php using namespace App\Helpers; and load helpers on BaseController using protected $helpers = ['text'];

Reference : https://codeigniter4.github.io/userguide/general/helpers.html#extending-helpers but it's still not working

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It's not mentioned in documents but remember to add a suffix _helper to filename of your helper otherwise it will not work in codeigniter 4.

For example if you have created a helper xxx.php, change it to xxx_helper.php.

To load a helper you can use helper function (Like: helper('xxx.php');) or add it to $helpers array that is an protected property in BaseController


If your idea is to "extend" (replace) a function on the stystem/helpers/text_helper note the lowercase in the name of the file, you have to respect it.

Also, the helper doesn't need a namespace... the helper loader will search for it.

The helper() method will scan through all PSR-4 namespaces defined in app/Config/Autoload.php and load in ALL matching helpers of the same name. This allows any module’s helpers to be loaded, as well as any helpers you’ve created specifically for this application. The load order is as follows:

  1. app/Helpers - Files loaded here are always loaded first.
  2. {namespace}/Helpers - All namespaces are looped through in the order they are defined.
  3. system/Helpers - The base file is loaded last

the namespace will be used to load a helper on other location, for example:


as long as that path can be found through a namespace that has been set up within the PSR-4

Reference: https://codeigniter4.github.io/userguide/general/helpers.html#extending-helpers


Tested in CodeIgniter Version: 4.4.3


Create a Helper named "custom_helper.php" in the "App\Helpers" Directory.


Open "App\Config\Autoload.php" and the Created Helper name by removing "_helper.php" in this file.

public $helpers = [
        'custom', // Helper Name: custom_helper.php

File: custom_helper.php

function hello(){
   echo "Hello Function";

Step-3: All Done! Now we can call our function Example: hello() from controller using the function name.


You need to load the helper into the app/Config/Autoload.php and still not work then please try to run composer dump-autoload

  • With this solution your problem is solved or still you facing the issue? May 20, 2020 at 5:03
  • thanks, its done just remove namespace App\Helpers; at app/Helper/Text_helper.php
    – M. Ikhsan
    May 26, 2020 at 3:25

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