How can I mimic this JavaScript inheritance in ClojureScript?

class AccessController extends EventEmitter {

  static async create (db, options) { }

  static get type () {
    throw new Error('\'static get type ()\' needs to be defined in the inheriting class')

  get type () {
    return this.constructor.type

  async canAppend (entry, identityProvider) {
    return true


class OtherController extends AccessController {

 constructor (db, options) {

  static async create (db, options) {
    return new OtherController (db, options)

  static get type () {
    return 'othertype'

  async canAppend(entry, identityProvider) {
    return true

Mu understanding is that:

  • static is a property of the object itself
  • prototype properties (methods) can be overriden by setting the -.prototype

This would be achieved like that:

(defn- OtherController
  {:jsdoc ["@constructor"]}
  [orbitdb options]
  (this-as this
    (.call AccessController this orbitdb options)

(defn create-access-controller []
      ;; inheritance
      (.-prototype OtherController)
      (.-prototype AccessController)

    ;; methods
    #js {:canAppend (fn [entry identity-provider]                          

    ;; static properties
    (set! (.. OtherController -type) "othertype")

    (set! (.. OtherController -create) (fn [db options]
                                         (new OtherController db (clj->js {}))))

I'm not sure how to:

  • mimic the get sugar,
  • since AccessController extends EventEmitter how can I inherit the static properties of EventEmitter, if any?
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  • get you can create via Object.defineProperty.
  • static properties aren't usually inherited I think but you can probably just do the same gobj/extend call for the classes themselves, not their prototype.
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  • With ES6 class syntax, static properties are inherited as well. – Bergi May 19 at 14:09

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