I asked this question by gitHub, but I try it here as well maybe someone knows the issue.

I am using slim select plugin, when I try to select the second option after searching I get an error

see picture:
see picture

But when I click outside so that the drop down goes closed and start searching again then I can select many options without getting the error.

Here is the code snippet where slimselect is initialized:

function initDropDowns () {

    $('[slimselect]').each(function (index) {
        var id                 = $(this).attr("id");
        var placeholder        = $(this).data("placeholder");
        var selectByGroup      = true;
        var compareDropDown    = false;
        var dataSelectByGroup  = $(this).data("selectbygroup");
        var dataCmpareDropdown = $(this).data("comparedropdown");

        if (dataSelectByGroup) {
            selectByGroup = dataSelectByGroup === "true";
        if (dataCmpareDropdown) {
            compareDropDown = dataCmpareDropdown === "true";

        var that = this;
        var select = new SlimSelect({
            select:     '#' + id,
            placeholder: placeholder,
            showSearch:  true,
            searchText: settings.texts.noSearchResults,
            searchPlaceholder: settings.texts.searchPlaceholder,
            searchingText: settings.texts.searchingText,
            searchHighlight: true,
            closeOnSelect: false,
            showOptionTooltips: true,
            selectByGroup: selectByGroup,
            limit: 5,
            beforeOnChange: function (info) {
                if ($(that).data('singleselect') === true) {
                    dropDowns[that.id].set ([]);
            onChange: slimSelectOnChange
        dropDowns[id] = select;

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