I have read the similar post for Chrome (how do i download/extract font from chrome developers tools) and I'm trying to do the same thing using Firefox instead. So I have opened the network panel fo dev tools and reloaded the page, then filtered for the actual GET 200 answer and I see content-encoding: gzip and content-lenght: 238214 all good.

Now if I open the answer panel instead the header i can copy/paste the answer as text stream but this is not even close to the above specified size. I tried to convert to gzip as specified using an online tool but the result was in any case a corrupted .gz file instead. Why it is not working with firefox? What am I doing wrong?

edit: the test URL that I used is: https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts/exocet


To download the webfont you can simply right-click the request and choose Open in New Tab from the context menu.

Open web font in new tab

This will open the download dialog:

Download dialog

Note that you may need to reload the page without caching, i.e. by pressing Ctrl+F5 or disabling the cache via the Disable Cache option in the Network panel, in order to see the requests for the font files. This is because Firefox has a special font cache and it doesn't make any requests to the font files once they are cached.

Please note that using web fonts may be restricted by copyrights.

  • this didnt work for me, the downloaded font was a placeholder, it looks like that the real font is replaced dynamically. Any possible solution to this?
    – S. W. G.
    May 29 '20 at 11:33
  • One or two screenshots of the request and what you're doing would help, I guess. Note that you may need to reload the page without cache, i.e. by pressing Ctrl+F5 to actually see the font request. Important question is, does it work in the Chrome DevTools? If so, it's something related to Firefox. If not, it is a general issue related to the website or how you try to download the font. May 29 '20 at 17:26
  • I've edited my answer explaining that the font files are only shown when reloading without caching. May 29 '20 at 17:36
  • Tried in Chrome too just to make sure was not related to Firefox, I opened the network panel and reloaded the page to "listen" and filtered for Fonts, but when donwloaded I had a blank font full of rectangles with X inside while on the screen I were able to preview the actual font.
    – S. W. G.
    May 29 '20 at 21:46
  • It's hard to reproduce what you are seeing without more information. Please edit your question and add screenshots, the precise steps of what you did, and if possible the URL of the website you are referring to. May 30 '20 at 14:26

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