I am using xampp and windows machine.

I am trying to run a existing phalcon project in my pc .

If i try "localhost/odc/public" , it runs the project but could not load any styling.

So i think if i can project with url localhost , it will solve the problem. After going through online, i found that i need to edit apache/conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf.

So I tried the following , but didn't work.

<VirtualHost localhost>
    DocumentRoot "/xampp/htdocs/odc/public"
    ServerName localhost
    <Directory "/xampp/htdocs/odc/public">
        Require all granted    

one things to know

when you talk about phalcon you talk about the extension php

so if you have this extension installed in your server

you dont need to touche any virtual configs

so the problem is coming from the website configurations so maybe the are a link from your database that not the same at the url that you use to access to that project

maybe the website used for example (style.css) http://localhost/abc/public/style.css

and the script by default use the racine path (../style.css) http://localhost/style.css

so here the problem comes from :)

try to check the project configs or maybe you have a file .htaccess missed or maybe you need to put files directly in htdocs/ not in htdocs/odc/

(sorry if my english is not good enough ;) ) greetings .

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