I am wondering if anyone have an idea on how to create a "Select all" checkbox in Dash Datatable (it should be in the red box area)? The idea is it will select all the rows available in the datatable.

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I have read through the entire Datatable documentation (https://dash.plotly.com/datatable/interactivity) and there is no mention of this. Trying to search online also failed.

I remember dash-tables-experiment has this functionality but it has since been deprecated. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Currently this option is not supported within a dash_table.DataTable element. However, there is a workaround by adding two dbc.Button() parts to your Dash layout, the first for selecting all and the second for deselecting all. Then have an @app.callback that (de)selects all once the button is clicked.

You will get something like this:

No rows selected:No row selected

All rows selected after button click: All rows selected after click

The callback on its turn would look something like the following (thanks to @neilpanchal in this git issue):

from loguru import logger
import dash

    [Output('df-table', 'selected_rows')],
        Input('select-all-button', 'n_clicks'),
        Input('deselect-all-button', 'n_clicks')
        State('df-table', 'data'),
        State('df-table', 'derived_virtual_data'),
        State('df-table', 'derived_virtual_selected_rows')
def select_all(select_n_clicks, deselect_n_clicks, original_rows, filtered_rows, selected_rows):
    ctx = dash.callback_context.triggered[0]
    ctx_caller = ctx['prop_id']
    if filtered_rows is not None:
        if ctx_caller == 'select-all-button.n_clicks':
            logger.info("Selecting all rows..")
            selected_ids = [row for row in filtered_rows]
            return [[i for i, row in enumerate(original_rows) if row in selected_ids]]
        if ctx_caller == 'deselect-all-button.n_clicks':
            logger.info("Deselecting all rows..")
            return [[]]
        raise PreventUpdate
        raise PreventUpdate

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